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Drug Consumption Rooms in Europe

This report provides an overview of the organisation and working methods of drug consumption rooms (DCRs) in Europe It offers information about the functioning of DCRs as well as on the organisation and structure of such facilities and aims to benefit various groups of stakeholders.

In its discussion of aims, objectives, services, organisational structure and points of importance, the report is primarily directed at all who are involved in DCRs in Europe and beyond, or those who wish to set up a DCR in a newlocation. However, it may also be of interest to anyone concerned with the provision of basic services to drug users in Europe.

During the European Harm Reduction Conference and Network meeting in Amsterdam, a group of 15 representatives of drug consumption rooms agreed to coordinate efforts to improve information exchange and collaboration in order to support the work and establishment of DCR' s in the world.



Client experience survey in Amsterdam and Rotterdam

This report summarises the results of a 2013 survey-based study focussing on the wellbeing and experiences of visitors to drug consumption rooms (DCRs) located in the Netherlands.

A 101-question survey on quality of life and DCR experience was administered to visitors attending three Amsterdam and one Rotterdamconsumption room facilities. The purpose of this study is to develop and introduce a

standardised data collection tool. As European data are limited, this report aims to establish a baseline for European consumption rooms.

Survey questions were used to gather data for two purposes:

(1) PhD research examining the role low threshold harm reduction services play in the quality of life and wellbeing of people who use drugs, and

(2) the development of a robustevaluation and guidance tool to be utilised across European DCRs.



drug consumption in europe modelsDrug Consumption Rooms in Europe –
Models, best practice and challenges

The report highlights the different models of drug consumption rooms in Europe, desrcribes barriers for access, presents best practises and adressess in conclusion the advantages of DCRs for people who use drugs and for the general public.






DCR Resource Centre

Find here the most important data of the DCR survey.